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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Penny Stock Pick - TAG

The penny stock on the spotlight today is Tag-It Pacific Inc. (TAG), the Woodland Hills, CA based cloth zippers maker. The recent strong quarter result and bullish insider buying makes the penny stock a can't miss. Let's take a look at more detail about the stock.

The technical chart looks positive as 50 day moving average has crossed on top of 200 day moving average around June to form Golden Cross. Although MACD and KD haven't show any bullish sign rally should come any time.

The management team has been very very bullish about the stock and all transcations are stock purchases from CEO, COO, Director and CFO. The institutional players are a little bearish about the stock and has sold 26,409 shares in the latest quarter.

The most recent quarter showed really bullish sign as the company swung into net income of $655,000 compared to net loss of $12.5 million in the same quarter of previous year. In the first quarter of this year the company also had reduced net loss quite a bit compared with previous year.

Penny Stock Score (1~5) 5 is highest
1. Market Potential(apparel zippers): 3
2. Technical: 4
3. News: 5
4. Insider: 4
5. Financial: 5
Recommendation: Buy


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